Demo Derby/Figure 8:

Is there a demo? 

Of course. Sunday July 26 at 1:00 is demo. We will be having three classes consisting of Limited Weld, Bone Stock, and Compact.

Is there a figure 8? 

Of course. Thursday July 30 at 7:00 p.m.. We will be having three classes consisting of stock, modified, and compact.

Why are there early registration/ticket purchases? 

Due to our current economic situation and guidelines that are in place, it is in our best interest to plan ahead for the crowd that could potentially happen. We are required to follow these guidelines and early registration/ticket purchases gives us the capability to limit our numbers and make the changes we need to make to follow these guidelines. Please remember, we are in different times and if we don’t follow these guidelines, there is no fair.

Do we have to wear masks? 

Masks will be encouraged and not required

Can you still have beer sales? 

Yes, we are licensed the same as a bar which allows us to have beer sales

within our permit.


For 4‐H related questions please contact Cole Meador or Melissa Konecky at 402‐624‐8030. Or e‐mail

at or

Beer/Wine Tasting:

Why did you move to the rodeo arena? In order to accommodate the numbers that are in attendance it was in our best interest to move the event to the rodeo arena so we can social distance and enjoy the company in a safe fun way.

Will there be both beer and wine? With limited time to finalize plans and get many vendors, we do not intend to have any wine vendors available. We intend to run the event with more of a beach theme with beer available to buy at a cheap price. We want to give everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy a night out without breaking the bank.


Will there be room to spread out? We have moved our concert event into the “pits” which is just south of the rodeo arena. We are limiting the ticket number to make sure we can socially distance comfortably and have good traffic flow.

Can I bring a chair/blanket? It is not required but encouraged to bring a lawn chair. To be up close we are requiring those attendees to be seated to avoid a crowd up by the stage. We will have the designated seating area marked.

If I am an advance ticket that gets in at 6:30 do I get to pick where I want to sit? Of course! That is the benefit of the early bird ticket. Please remember though, we will be requiring you to have a seat/blanket to be closer to the stage. This designated area will be marked.

How can I get to the “pits”? The ticket booth will be your access point where tickets will be taken. You will walk along the rodeo arena to a gate open in the back of the pits. There you will see the stage, tree cover, bathrooms, and beer tents to enjoy a drink before/during/after the show.

Where can we park? There should be available parking all around our fairgrounds to hold everyone for the concert. We will have a crew on horses parking cars. Please be respectful and watch for these individuals when parking. They will get you to the right place.

I bought my tickets a long time ago and can’t find the e‐mail/text that has my bar code? Please e‐

If I bought early advance tickets, what does that get us? It gives you the opportunity to enter the ticket booth at 6:30 and get your seat as close to the stage as possible. We do recommend to bring a chair or blanket to claim your spot in the seating area up by the stage. If you aren’t there to sit, beer tents will be open.

Truck/Tractor Pull:

Why did you cut the time down of the pulls? Based on current restrictions we need to have a handle on the number of people that attend all of our events so we can ensure an opportunity for social distancing. We know where that number is, but people come and go all day when the pull was conducted in an all day format. By cutting down the time and classes we can get a hard count of ticket sales without having to shut the event down to clear it out and give a new group an opportunity to for a later show.

Also remember, these events are all ran by volunteers who are doing their best to bring you the best, safe, fun, fair possible. A shortened time frame helps their safety from exposure as well as gives them more time to conduct each event in a high quality manner.

All Events:

Are we able to buy tickets at the gate for the motor events like we have always done? We are limiting the number of tickets to be sold due to Covid‐19. They are on sale at starting Friday July 10 at 8:00 a.m. We highly encourage you to purchase online ahead of the event to guarantee you a spot. If tickets are sold out and you expect one at the gate like you have always done, you will be turned away. Sorry.

Is there re‐entry into the events? The concert will be the only event there is a no re‐entry policy. All other events if you intend to leave you will need a stamp as you exit in order to re‐enter.

I have been coming to your events for 20 years and I may not get a ticket before it sells out? We appreciate your support more than you can believe. During these times we can not pick and choose those individuals that get to come through our gates. Please pay attention to the announcements/advertisements for details on how to register or buy your ticket early!

Will you be cleaning bathrooms? All bathrooms will be cleaned on a thorough regular basis for every event. Doors will be open as much as possible to lower the risk of touching. Obviously not on port a potties.

Will there be campers? Yes, we ask to keep each camper to family as much as possible. We also request each camper to have a fire extinguisher. In years past that was not a requirement. We are making it one now.


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