Thursday, August 1st, 2019 at 5:00pm

Enjoy the best parade around!
Please keep children safe and out of direct parade path!

Parade Participants:
Entry Signup - 4:00 p.m.  //  August 1st
At the Corner of 10th & Broadway
You will be assigned parking spot and lineup spot!

**Please keep moving – no stops during parade! Keep reasonably close to the vehicle ahead of you - minimise space between entries and please throw candy or freebies to curbs and out of direct parade path!
Please watch for unsupervised children!
Thanks for helping insure a great parade for all! 


Parade Route:

  • Start at 7th & Broadway

  • Turn East onto 6th Street (go two blocks)

  • Turn South onto Beech Street (go one block)

  • Turn WEST onto 5th (got two blocks)

  • Turn South onto Broadway (go one block)

  • Turn East on 4th (go two blocks)

  • Finish AT 4th Street at Smith Park (Exit anywhere east of 4th & Beech Street)


Parade Rules:

  • All floats/groups must complete the entire parade route.

  • All floats/groups must maintain the pace of the parade so as to stay within one-half block of the group ahead of them. The half block is a maximum space allowed.

  • Disbursement at the end of the parade shall not stop the following floats/groups.

    • Groups that can just disburse ie: bands, marching groups, etc can just break up and leave the street anywhere east of 4th & Beech. 

    • Groups that have to disembark vehicles, trailers, or floats should proceed to areas off the street where they will not interfere with units behind them. The pool, city shops, county shops have parking lots which may be available to unload and fold up equipment.


635 E 1st Street  |  Wahoo, NE 68066

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